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The damaged SUV belonging to former Seattle Seahawk player, Richard Sherman, is towed away after Sherman was arrested by Redmond (WA) Police this week. Sherman was arrested for suspected domestic violence burglary and DUI at his in-laws house in Redmond after a prior 911 call was made by his wife from their home in Maple Valley. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- the award winning 22 year veteran middle school teacher that describes her experience regarding CRT in the classroom, the known and the unknown about Richard Sherman's arrest after allegedly drunken confrontation with family members in Maple Valley WA, the known indicates Sherman is going through some sort of personal crisis, a police dog was used to take Sherman into custody when he initially resisted, the Seattle pro-mass transit group that wants to abolish the WSDOT, why 'wokeness' is the biggest threat to Democrats in the 2022 election, KVI callers sound off on the incumbency of US Sen. Patty Murray and the Congressional Democrats' push for Federal over-sight on voting/elections (the "For the People Act"), the major irony of Democrats demanding an end to the filibuster but supporting Texas Democrats who fled the state to delay a vote on a voting reform bill in the state assembly, Carlson reads the best thing he's seen yet about CRT in schools.

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