LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July16--8am hour

Seattle mayoral candidate, Lance Randall, speaks to KVI about his campaign as well as two recent news events he's been involved in that have received media coverage. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour-- GUEST: candidate for Seattle mayor, Lance Randall, starts with how to improve Seattle's myriad public safety problems, balancing help for mentally ill homeless people and enforcing the law, Randall's disappointment in City Attorney Pete Holmes not prosecuting criminals, Randall says Seattle started to get worse when fellow mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell was a city councilman, the Carlson question: what should Seattle do with the homeless drug addict who refuses city shelter and drug treatment?,

The Seattle City Council just increased the cost of living (and working) in Seattle for residents and business owners, a Seattle city official tells Pioneer Square business owners they're lucky homeless public safety and crime problems aren't worse, KVI callers share their suggestions for best summer day trip around Washington and the answers include mountain hideaways, culinary variety and water front activities.

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