LISTEN: John Carlson Show, July6--6am hour

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From a Seattle splash park for kids shutdown to homelessness to Oregon politicians who want to make AC units a requirement to rent an apartment, KVI's John Carlson covers an hour of local issues on this hour of the show. (photo: KVI Staff)

6am hour -- a July 4th recap, the King County health official claiming climate change produced last week's record breaking local heat wave, an arrest in Kent after cars are hit with rocks thrown on to I-5, what American Democrats like Maxine Waters/AOC/Cori Bush have in common with the Southern Confederates fighting to protect the use of slavery, Biden scandal the mainstream news media ignores, a Seattle spray park for kids to stay cool in summer is shutdown because of homeless lining the nearby area, when it comes to kids and spray parks or homeless people it shows that Seattle will give deference to homeless people, the landlord vs big government battle over air conditioning.

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