LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June10--8am hour

This hour on KVI, John Carlson covers a story about woke politics at South Whidbey High School in Langley, Wa. (photo: WikiCommons)

8am hour -- South Whidbey High School all of a sudden has become epicenter of social justice indoctrination rather than education, GUESTS: two parents of students at So. Whidbey HS, Maureen and Erin, tell KVI that teachers should be politically neutral or offer both sides rather than injecting the teacher's personal beliefs into the classroom to influence students, the guests say many students are withdrawing from the school district due to the double-standards connected to social justice politics on campus.

This morning's latest economic report shows inflation spiking for May 2021, even an Obama Administration economist (now on MSNBC) admits that excessive government spending (unemployment/relief money) is causing the inflation problems in the US economy, candid suggestions from a Puget Sound African-American woman for Black Lives Matter activists and her goal to truly reducing violence that impacts Black Americans.

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