LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June2--8am hour

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8am hour -- how Carlson spent yesterday's sunny and sizzling afternoon on the water, another solid sign of pushback on the 'woke' left comes from Florida, a group of ESPN sports talk show hosts depart from the normal 'woke' social politics to say belligerent fans should be jailed and security should be expanded not 'defunded', pushback on Critical Race Theory in a small SW WA city, GUEST: Washougal, WA mom, Melissa McIlwain, says she and other parents opposing CRT tried to testify but were prevented from doing so at a school board meeting, she's part of a new group called "Washougal Moms", their website; we now know the name of the King Co. judge who allowed an accused dog killer to go free with no bail while awaiting trial, the judge is a former defense attorney who felt that killing a dog didn't amount to a felony crime.

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