LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June3--6am hour

A former Seattle Deputy Mayor, Casey Sixkiller, launches bid for Seattle mayor. Sixkiller talks to KVI's John Carlson about his plan to address public safety problems in Seattle and how to deal with homelessness issues. (Photo:{ }

6am hour -- the JBS meat packing ransom-ware attack, what's the difference between the hackers and pirates?, how far does the US go in adjudicating/punishing (or even attacking foreign countries that shelter) such hackers?, GUEST: ABC News reporter, Aaron Katersky, provides more insight about the JBS hacking and how it impacts grocery stores like yours, today's John Carlson's birthday!, Gov. Jay Inslee planning state lottery incentives to convince more people to get vaccinated, Inslee's copying what several other states have done--including Oregon.

Candidate for Seattle mayor, Casey Sixkiller, talks to KVI about what the city council is doing wrong on homelessness and the repeat criminal problems plaguing public safety, Sixkiller calls the November election for mayor a "defining race for Seattle"; KVI's Lars Larson updates the latest attack on citizen journalist, Andy Ngo, by Anti-fa supporters trying to silence his reporting on street clashes between Anti-fa (aka anti-police activists) and police.

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