LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June3--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson examines the ransom-ware hacking{ } attack this week of the biggest meat supplier in the U.S., JBS. Carlson wonders how far the Biden Administration is willing to go to confront such cyber-hackers after two serious ransom-ware attacks in less than a month. (photo: Associated Press)

8am hour -- about 20% of the US grocery store supply of pork and beef impacted by latest ransom-ware hacking, the hacking suspected to originate in Russia, so would the US target Russia--militarily--if such hacking attacks continue?, how big would the hacking impact be on an electrical system grid or bank/debit card transactions?, this comes down to cyber piracy. A Seattle case-study in biased reporting and things that homeless apologists say,

latest Chris Rufo column on CRT, exposing the motivations of people behind the CRT push, now US Sen. Tom Cotton is tackling the CRT issue because of its use at Lockheed Martin, some of the misinformation included in CRT training to big employers (like Lockheed Martin), the KVI interview with the retired Navy SEAL who started a coffee company with a distinctive name and logo that befits the SEALs, how his military experience played into the creation of the company and why his concerns about over-roasting beans are a focus of the coffee they sell.

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