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OLYMPIA, Wash. (KOMO) – Gov. Jay Inslee announced new vaccine incentives during a press conference Thursday to help encourage people who have not gotten a COVID-19 vaccine to get one. The governor announced the “Shot of a Lifetime” giveaway along with Marcus Glasper, director of the Washington State Lottery.

6am -- National Donut Day celebrated by the Salvation Army, Gov. Jay Inslee officially announces vaxx incentives including lottery money, state college tuition and other freebies, to see if you're on the list for eligibility, homeless people try to bully KOMO News crew reporting on park sweep after murder earlier this week, a perfect take on Andy Ngo assault, wisdom from of a Black conservative woman...

new ratings for CNN show a serious reality check for the anti-Trump news media, CNN's strategy may have worked in the short run but their credibility and popularity crashed in the long run, the just retired CDC director says he received death threats from other scientists after his comments on possible lab leak origin of COVID, emails now showing Dr. Anthony Fauci "running interference" for Wuhan virology lab.

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