LISTEN: John Carlson Show, June4--7am hour

AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.jpg
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY14) announces her plans to reduce violent crime and KVI's John Carlson listens to her authoritative plan. (file photo: AP)

7am hour -- Salvation Army celebrating a tradition that dates back to the end of World War I, US Rep. AOC unveils her plan to end violent crime (please, try to control your laughter when you hear her plan),

newest US jobs report falls more than 100,000 jobs short of expectations, a CA plan to study slavery reparations prompts a couple of key questions, a KVI caller with some knowledge about AOC's youth in NY calls the show, some context to the lackluster May jobs report just released this morning, some real world realities from employers, GUEST: host of Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, tackles the news media 'Jekyll and Hyde' treatment of the COVID lab leak origin theory and the newly discovered Dr. Anthony Fauci e-mail communications.

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