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According to the Seattle publication Real Change News, denizens of a Seattle homeless camp are upset at how the illegal encampment at Bitter Lake Park doesn't like how homeless people are portrayed by other Seattle news outlets like KOMO News. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- the reports of Texas's shift to a blue state are greatly exaggerated, the latest election results in Texas cities shows a lot of liberal leaning cities just voted for Republican mayors (Ft. Worth, Arlington, McAllen), the voter stats for the mayoral election in McAllen show a major shift in voting trends, Joe Manchin on opposing Congressional Dems voter reform plan , Manchinn's line about seeking "partisan advantage", a Seattle socialist news publication picks a fight with KOMO News about coverage of homeless people and encampments on city park land, the man responsible for the "where do I get my reputation back?" political quote from the Reagan Administration has died, the D-Day presidential prayer from 77 years ago yesterday.

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