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Lumber prices AP file.jpg
Lumber prices today have roughly tripled from summer 2020. KVI's John Carlson addresses the rising prices during an interview with the president of Marine Lumber in South Seattle, Pat Bates.{ } (AP File Photo: Rogelio V. Solis)

7am hour -- lumber prices have tripled in the last six months, GUEST: Pat Bates, president of Marine Lumber Service, explains the pains behind the lumber prices, Bates says he doesn't see an immediate reduction in lumber prices based on future supply and existing demand, the supply chain is partly responsible for the sky high lumber prices, he says hiring and federal unemployment checks are another factor in disrupting the supply chain.

Another (the second in two weeks) unanimous US Supreme Court verdict on undocumented immigration related law, how is a Portland Anti-fa group paying out over $200,000 in bail money for Portland riot suspect ?, Mukilteo passes new housing density plan billed as making housing more affordable, this vote will define the future of Puget Sound neighborhoods, GUEST: Mukilteo city councilman and former Mukilteo Mayor, Joe Marine, says the housing density plan stems from Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2050 and social engineering, says Mukilteo is at 98% build-out meaning there aren't many other places to build in the city, Marine says that three councilmembers supporting the housing plan are ignoring 90% of the citizen input on it, how the Mukilteo voters will have a say at the ballot box about this housing issue, Marine's vision for creating affordable housing.

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