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Bonney Lake parents PIXLR 2.jpg
Parents in Sumner and Bonney Lake, WA speak up at a school board meeting to demand an end to mandatory masks when students return to class in the fall, according to KOMO News. For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School Board met in-person last night.{ }

6am hour -- Operation: Pushback takes a big step forward in Bonney Lake and Sumner, the parents literally school the Sumner school board on masks, the utterly bogus AP headline about the tax bills of the richest people in America, music history connecting Fats Domino and Chubby Checker, its been a bad week for VP Kamala Harris, the question comes up: why DID Joe Biden select Kamala Harris as VP?, Sen. Joe Manchin is the adult in the room with his fellow Congressional Democrats.

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