LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March 18--8am hour

Critical Race Theory.png
(graphic: Wikicommons)

8am hour -- GUEST: political writer and documentary film maker, Chris Rufo, how Critical Race Theory in K-12 public schools in Florida is being opposed by FL governor, how the courts are the battleground for CRT, Rufo calls CRT a "toxic ideology", CRT school curriculum usually involves segregated (for students and teachers) programs, supporters of CRT say critics are afraid to debate it but the NYT hasn't accepted Rufo's offer.

GUEST: Thurston Co. Commissioner, Tye Menser, discusses the recent county declaration that racism is a public health crisis, Mesner compares the need to declare a crisis just like climate change, likens the county's declaration to the urgency of climate change, cites various public health statistics for Thurston Co. that disproportionately affects POC but seems to falsely cite a 9% mortality rate, the examples of racial animosity and bullying at Evergreen State College, the difference between equity and equality; the NYU professor who decries the "industrial outrage complex" being fomented on-campus and social media, the Atlanta mass murder at three massage spas immediately turns into a political and racial conflagration despite what police investigators are saying about the suspect, why waiting for evidence in an (murder) investigation is no longer the standard in American politics.

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