LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March16--7am hour

King County Elections is awarding $950,000 in grants that will go to groups with a decidedly partisan political agenda. KVI's John Carlson interviews a Seattle government watchdog who has filed an ethics complaint about this grant money.{ } (file photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- more examples of how woke politics are alienating music and movie fans when it comes to award shows, consider the case of the 2020 movie "Hillbilly Elegy", one female band that might surprise you with their musicianship in an era of programmed music, a group of restaurant owners in Burien WA tries to get the city council to impose onerous restrictions on food trucks to protect their bottom line, the Washington Post admits that they misportrayed Pres. Trump's actions leading up to the Georgie US Senate election in January,

King County (aka Seattle) politicians appear to be using taxpayer money for their political activism, GUEST: Seattle political blogger and watchdog, Stefan Sharkansky, filed an ethics complaint last night over what King County elections is doing, the grant money alleges a Seattle history of voter suppression but lacks evidence to corroborate that, the Seattle activists are reaching felons to register them to vote but not bothering to check with crime victims to see if they're registered to vote, an example from 2018 where taxpayer money went to groups actively campaigning on a ballot measure, the carefully crafted wording that allows this grant money to be used for political ends, will AG Bob Ferguson pursue this questionable electioneering as zealously as he did Tim Eyman?

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