LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March16--8am hour

The founder of the group We Heart Seattle, Andrea Suarez, talks to KVI's John Carlson about why she organized a group of concerned residents who decided to band together to fix homeless garbage problems that city officials were failing to address. (photo: KOMO News courtesy We Heart Seattle)

8am hour -- GUEST: founder/organizer of We Heart Seattle, Andrea Suarez, tells KVI her group's getting intimidated and bullied by activist groups that don't like them cleaning up garbage around un-sanctioned homeless camps, Seattle has a rule preventing city staff from getting within 20 feet of a tent, her group has helped 30 homeless people get into housing as their efforts evolved, then her efforts resulted in a confrontation at Capitol Hill's Miller Playfield, only in Seattle would you have a protest against a group trying to help homeless people, a Seattle city council woman has been supporting the groups that are targeting We Heart Seattle, Suarez calls her group a "disrupter" in a broken system.

KOMO News exclusive shows undercover video of a Seattle 'black bloc' protest group, the video shows the strategic and tactical planning the agitators use in Seattle, the video was captured during Saturday night's vandalism and property damage where 13 'protesters' were arrested on the 1 year anniversary of the Breonna Taylor killing in Louisville KY, the 100 year old science that led to the 6-foot social distancing criteria that has now been questioned as being inaccurate, the outdated 6-foot distance resulted in many schools being closed resulting in academic struggles for so many students on distance learning,

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