LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March17--7am hour

The Washington Post newspaper website has been exposed for publishing a patently false story about then Pres. Donald Trump that was published in January 2020. KVI's John Carlson examines the egregious case of media bias intended to damage a Republican politician.{ } (file photo: Associated Press

7am hour -- the Washington Post has been forced to admit they completely falsified a story about Pres. Trump from early January 2020, the patently false portrayal of Trump was then parroted by numerous national news media outlets furthering the damage against Trump, how the WaPo issued their correction is pathetic and barely notifies readers to their misconduct, weaponizing journalism against a political opponent; is this cronyism?

Rest In Peace: actor Yaphet Kotto, who has a Tacoma connection, DUI cases of husband and wife arrested in different vehicles within an hour of each other, why newly announced Seattle mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell doesn't bring much leadership to his campaign, why Seattle needs focused anger right now to counter the prevailing blind rage at the city council, 2020 murder rate in US jumped 18%, is the pandemic or "defund police" movement more responsible for this murder rate increase (spoiler alert: Seattle's murder rate was up 60% in 2020)?

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