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A file photo of The Supreme Court of Washiington. (photo: Associated Press)

The Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW) newest ruling overturns automatic life-without-parole sentences if the convicted killer is 19 or 20 yrs old because they're too young, GUEST: Kent WA attorney, Yvonne Ward, calls it a "convoluted" SCOW ruling, one of the cases over-turned involves a 19 yr old white supremacist who beat a black homeless man to death with a bat in Tacoma, the ruling "makes the law more subjective" according to Carlson; is cancel culture coming for LeBron James for buying a stake in the MLB Boston RedSox?

Just In: Washington tax revenue projection now estimated at $1.9 billion, GUEST: St. Sen. Mark Schoesler says the latest revenue forecast means there's no need for any tax increases (i.e. capital gains tax), add in an extra $5 billion WA will receive from Biden's COVID relief bill; WaPo issues correction admitting that they horribly mis-portrayed a Pres. Trump phone call right around the time of the pivotal Georgia US Senate election run off, GUEST: managing editor, Curtis Houck, says WaPo essentially buried their correction of this grotesquely false story, there's no accountability for this egregious fake news by the WaPo, the list of news outlets that "independently confirmed" the fake source of the story.

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