LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March18--6am hour

Biden border t-shirts 2 PIXLR.jpg
T-shirts with a message to Pres. Joe Biden are worn by people trying to cross the US/Mexico border as reported by Fox News Channel. KVI's John Carlson examines the latest comments from a US Congressman from Texas who is a Democrat and criticizing how Pres. Biden is handling the current border policy. (screen grab: Fox News Channel)

6am hour -- the hate crime virtue signaling from SJWs before motive in the Atlanta mass murder of 6 women at massage businesses, how the 21 yr old Atlanta murder suspect would not face life in prison without parole in WA, a young Asian woman asks: where does 'Asian hate' start and stop?

a Democratic US Congressman speaks candidly and honestly about the human trafficking that is bringing a surge of minors to the US/Mexico border right now, tragic triple-fatality of Bainbridge Island high school girls in car crash prompts several questions, Seattle's roads/transportation failures despite monstrous levy and budget, compare the roads in Seattle's next door neighbors to the roads in Seattle.

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