LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March19--7am hour

School Choice v virus.jpg
On this hour of the show, KVI's John Carlson examines renewed efforts to allow school choice vouchers as some K-12 schools remain closed to in-class learning during the pandemic. (file photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- a murder suspect in Seattle is on the loose after a shooting that occurred at a gathering for at-risk youth in a church, Seattle Police say they know the suspect's identity and he remains on the loose but SPD aren't providing any name or picture to expedite a location and arrest, the bizarre story of an Everett restaurant owner with a penchant for provocative social media posts who names his new restaurant after a well-known Seinfeld TV show character, Cancel Culture and prior derogatory posts about Asians costs female black journalist described as a "rising star" her newest job.

GUEST: economist Steve Moore, how the teacher delays of in-class learning bolster the need for school choice laws, Florida's battle over CRT in K-12 schools, how the NAACP is opposing school choice measures and siding with teacher unions.

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