LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March22--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews his environmental policy go-to-guy, Todd Myers, about a proposal to restrict timber harvest on state trust land in Washington. Pictured here, smoke from the June 2015 Wolverine Creek Fire northwest of Lucerne, WA.{ } (USFS photo via WikiCommons)

7am hour -- today WA enters Phase 3 opening of businesses "which is where we should have been months ago" according to Carlson, the news media double-standard for vaccine skeptics, remember when Gov. Jay Inslee forbid people fishing during pandemic early days last year?, homelessness actually went up in Seattle last year, a veteran Getty Images photographer calls out the Biden Administration for blocking news media access to US Customs and Border Patrol.

Proposal to limit WA timber harvest on state trust land, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers, says not every forest needs to be 'old growth', says policy doesn't make sense based on trees sucking up CO2, the CO2 advantage of trees only lasts for their first 80 yrs of growth, how to balance the forest management goals and benefits, notice how the current WA Lands Commissioner isn't supporting this new state trust land proposal; hints that Donald Trump may launch his own social media network.

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