LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March22--8am hour

Pierce County Sheriff, Ed Troyer, speaks to KVI's John Carlson during this hour of the show about his 911 call to report a suspicious driver he found in his neighborhood{ } and the insinuations of racial prejudice connected to the encounter with the driver. (photo: KOMO News)

8:05am -- GUEST: Pierce County Sheriff, Ed Troyer, discusses the suspicious car he noticed outside his house, the other driver never identified as a newspaper delivery driver, says there's a disconnect in the Seattle Times reporting about recanting vs telling responding officers that he simply didn't feel a need to press charges over the confrontation, says the driver returned later that night and threw a newspaper in his driveway, how the driver identifying himself as a newspaper delivery driver could have completely changed the tenor of this encounter,

KVI's Mark Christopher has a personal story that is similar to what Pierce Co. Sheriff described earlier about a suspicious car in his neighborhood, why a simple sign for newspaper delivery drivers could resolve mis-understandings like this, how the comments of an Atlanta area sheriff's spokesman was taken out of context by 'defund police' activists and some news media, a perfect example of eliminating context in a news report.

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