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Boulder CO grocery store mass murder 1.jpg
A mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store leaves 10 dead, one suspect in custody and so far authorities in the city of Boulder aren't giving any indication about the motive that has shattered this college town. (photo: Associated Press).{ }

6am hour -- mass murder at Boulder CO supermarket with 10 dead and 1 suspect in custody but no word of motive, only murder victim ID'd is a Boulder police officer, eyewitness statements don't provide much info about possible motive,

Seattle sports legend and basketball hall of famer, Elgin Baylor, passes away of natural causes at 86,

How's this for a normally friendly news media assessment of Biden less than 100 days into his term?!, Pierce Co. Sheriff Ed Troyer tells KVI his reaction to the accusation of racial profiling after he confronted a car/driver acting suspiciously in his neighborhood, how the driver of the car could have altered the encounter and confrontation by disclosing his vocation, KVI's Lars Larson expects political opportunism following Boulder CO mass murder at grocery store, how the media should react/assess the almost certain Democratic calls for gun control laws, this duality of exploiting crime typifies the journalistic activism that has become all too familiar in the last 20 years.

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