LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March23--7am hour

WA Legislature session -- seal PIXLR.jpg
Democrats in control of the Washington Legislature are advancing a 'cap and trade' bill that would become a de-facto gas tax for drivers and business owners dependent on transportation. KVI's John Carlson interviews State Senator, Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville) about what this cap and trade bill would mean in practical terms for Washingtonians. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- some questionable journalism regarding Gov. Inslee's press conference yesterday, how a suspect's race was highlighted in one crime story but an accused attacker's race wasn't even mentioned in another story, racially inflammatory tweets about Asian-Americans emerge from a San Francisco school board VP, but the tweets come from a social justice warrior not a white supremacist.

An example of COVID double talk in Seattle, the Pac-12 and Christian schools are stealing the show at the NCAA men's basketball tourney right now, GUEST: St. Sen. Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville) says Democrats in WA Legislature are passing a gas tax under the guise of "cap and trade"; the eyewitness descriptions of yesterday's grocery store mass murder killing 10 people in Boulder CO.

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