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Police arrest the suspected mass murder after 10 people were killed at a Boulder CO grocery store. The 21-year-old suspect, identified as Ahmad Alissa, lives in Arvada CO but emigrated to the U.S. from Syria when he was 3 years-old, according to authorities. (photo: ABC News)

8am hour -- Just In: still no motive known in Boulder CO grocery store mass murder shooting that killed 10, suspect ID'd in 10 murders is 21 years old and may have been born outside the U.S., suspect is still hospitalized for a leg wound, Bernie Sanders is upset to learn that some companies made astronomical profits when government locked down and restricted most businesses during the pandemic...

the most conservative White House news correspondent asks a tough question of Biden's spokesperson, planes flying unaccompanied minors back across US border to Mexico, several Christian schools are stealing headlines at the NCAA men's hoops tourney right now, KVI callers sound off on the Biden border fiasco and possible Biden $3 trillion infrastructure spending plan, the Boulder CO accused mass murder suspect (age 21) emigrated to US from Syria at age 3.

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