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SEATTLE — In Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, there is a simmering conflict over the city's homeless encampments and parents and their children who want to play youth sports at municipal parks but are finding an unwelcoming environment at many of the sites, according to KOMO News. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson: Passover this weekend marks the first major holiday with close gatherings since vaccinations began, one Jewish grandma declares "hugging will be on the menu" as her family gathers for seder,

little league parents in Seattle are aghast at the homeless problems in the park where their young children are supposed to practice, the story of a homeless man camping in the baseball field dugout, Seattle officials give upset parents the run-around when they complain about the homeless problems, why Seattle should refund its parks levies because of the incessant homeless problems at parks, burning space debris and Ebola arrive in WA, Democrats seem convinced that the WA Supreme Court will find a way to validate their patently unconstitutional capital gains tax, FOLLOW-UP FILE: SF School Board VP posting derogatory statements about Asian-Americans, Disney again delays "Black Widow" movie.

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