LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March30--7am hour

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KVI's Phil Vandervort interviews Washington St. Rep. Andy Barkis (R-Olympia) about another potential tax hike that Democrats in the Legislature could unveil this week with their transportation budget.{ } (graphic: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson, GUEST: St. Rep. Andrew Barkis, (R-Olympia) talks about the possible tax hike that could arrive with this week's House Democrats' unveiling of a transportation budget, Barkis says with LCFS and 'cap and trade' bills that would amount to gas/petroleum tax hikes the Democrats are running wild with tax and spend plans, KVI talk show host Dana Loesch checks the media bias related to a DC carjacking that turned fatal killing a Pakistani immigrant, the beautiful mystery of a baby grand piano randomly left in a field near North Bend, nobody seems to know who left this piano or why it was placed in this location in the shadow of Mt. Si.

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