LISTEN: John Carlson Show, March31--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson discusses new legal charges against a 51-year-old SeaTac WA man for anti-Asian hate crimes but the defendant is a pro-CHOP and anti-Trump activist. (graphic: ABC News)

7am hour -- John Carlson returns from vacation: Mollie Hemingway vs. the new CDC director, the conflicting messages of Biden's CDC director,US Rep. AOC tries to be a Tik Tok hipster in a video blaming the current US border problems on "imperalism"...

GUEST: KVI guest host and writer for the website, Ari Hoffman, examines the story of the CHOP zone sympathizer now charged with hate crimes against Asians in King County, why haven't any other local (Seattle) news outlets reported on this story from the King County Prosecutor's office?, how the website that broke this story is growing with its own original investigative reporting, how anti-Semitic hate crimes are usually committed by left-wing political supporters rather than white supremacists; Seattle city and school officials both decline to sweep homeless campers on school property in north Seattle as the youngest students are set to return to campus next week.

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