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Patty Murray AP30.jpg
New polling data from a Seattle TV station shows that U.S. Senator, Patty Murray (D-WA), pictured here in a file photo, may have a difficult re-election campaign in front of her for 2022.{ } (Photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson: the pipeline ransome-ware attack that is shutting down fuel deliveries in south east US, the ransom-ware hackers perverting their stated motivation of "Robin Hood", all three top candidates for Evergreen St. College president withdraw from the process, Congressional Democrats strategize how they can convince oldest US Supreme Court justice to step down so Biden can replace a justice, new polling says WA US Sen. Patty Murray may have a tough re-election battle, Seattle's Kshama Sawant pleads guilty to ethics violation(s), how Sawant's disturbing ethical violations may inhibit some voters in her district from signing this recall petition, Starbucks doesn't like the criticism on social media of their woke policies,

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