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Lorena Gonzalez AP.jpg
Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez, pictured here in a 2017 file photo, is criticizing some parts of the city's response to homelessness problems, according to KOMO News. During a Seattle Homeless Committee meeting on strategies and investments, Gonzalez{ } said there’s a huge void in communication between neighbors reporting problems, encampments and crisis situations—and the city’s response.(Genna Martin/ via AP, File)

7am hour -- Phil Vandervort in for John Carlson: crocodile tears of Seattle's leading mayoral candidate regarding homelessness issues, how this Seattle politician demonstrably avoided addressing homelessness issues that she now professes to care so much about, Seattle Seahawk player tries to make US Olympic Track and Field team but misses out by 0.16 seconds, something both cool and completely ridiculous is happening with high school sports right now in WA high school sports, new data shows that student math scores (and math learning) are suffering the most in WA in the wake of the pandemic shutdown of schools, lots of parents are finding out private school is more attainable than they thought as public schools remain mostly shutdown for in-class learning. wait...there's another Chinese rocket that may come crashing to earth?

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