LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May21--6am hour

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SEATTLE - King County's top public health official, Dr. Jeff Duchin,{ } issued a directive Thursday strongly urging residents to keep wearing a face mask in indoor public settings, whether or not they are vaccinated against COVID. The directive also recommends that businesses who serve the public continue policies to ensure customers and employees wear masks indoors. (graphic: KOMO News)

6am hour -- King County's top public health officer defies the (federal) CDC and urges all vaccinated people to keep wearing masks indoors, the shoddy statistical formula to this King County mask advisory, the science that King Co. officials are overlooking, what Carlson asked the public health official directly during yesterday's press briefing, Chicago's mayor struggling to defend her 'news reporters of color' requirement she announced earlier this week, GUEST: attorney, Rob McKenna, is suing WA/Gov. Inslee on behalf of farmer's and business owners, how this lawsuit against the state capital gains tax is different from a previously filed lawsuit, McKenna also sued when Seattle attempted to impose an income tax, the uniformity question of the capital gains tax, McKenna expects an initial ruling on the state capital gains tax this fall (but also expects the state to lose and then appeal directly to the State Supreme Court).

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