LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May24--7am hour

George Floyd Bebeto Matthews AP PIXLR.jpg
An AP file photo of the George Floyd mural in Minneapolis MN.{ } (AP/Bebeto Matthews)

7am hour -- KVI's Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson : let's start with Critical Race Theory, the UW women's softball team advances to Sweet 16, some blunt talk about the flailing Mariners, an epic post on race relations from Sean Ono Lennon

Minneapolis crime is spiking after their defund police decisions, Minneapolis mayor now scrambling to bring in other law enforcement as crime surges, Chicago and NYC also facing similar shooting violence increases, in San Fran stores are closing because shoplifting won't get prosecuted (let alone arrested) due to 'woke' city DA, in San Fran there are signs that the lack of shoplifting enforcement is leading to bolder and more brazen crimes, other US cities including Seattle endured several more vexing shootings/murders this weekend, a middle school principal's message to school staff to help Palestinians shocks Jewish faculty members and underscores the pro-Palestinian attitude among some teachers/administrators.

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