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Purdue University President Mitch Daniels addresses the graduates at the spring 2021 commencement on Saturday (May 15). The ceremony was held in Ross-Ade Stadium for the first time, and was Purdue’s first in-person commencement since December 2019 due to the pandemic (Photo: Purdue University via ABC News)

7am hour -- KVI's Kirby Wilbur in for John Carlson...Texas does away with licensing and permits for gun owners but still requires other restrictions and protocols, Fred Meyer and QFC stores say fully vaccinated people don't need to wear masks inside their stores, north Minneapolis neighbors form citizen patrols in effort to prevent surge in fatal and injurious shootings, former FDA chief tells CNBC that circumstantial evidence is growing that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan, China virology lab, a good news story about an Indian immigrant to Canada who really loves basketball so much he ended up inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, sizing up Biden vs. Putin at potential June summit, a university commencement speech we think you'll actually want to hear.

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