LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May28--7am hour

Criminal charges filed against three Tacoma police officers in the death of Manuel Ellis are just the start of a long and challenging process to come, according to attorneys that spoke to KOMO News. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- why we celebrate Memorial Day in America, putting yourself in the position to sacrifice your life for service to country, examples of how some public schools are becoming enemies to school families, why its important for school families to speak out when they disagree with politically motivated curriculum or school policies, the vexing comments made yesterday by the mother of Tacoma man who was allegedly killed by three city police officers who are now charged with the man's murder, some possible good news for businesses along the Canada/Washington border, an On This Day in History regarding a unique achievement in WA politics.

A King County Councilman proposes a county version of Universal Basic Income--guaranteed monthly income, the three ways (most) governments obtain money, why UBI supporters show they don't understand basic economics, Democrats like this King County Councilman were the ones who demanded the pandemic lock down which resulted in the lost paychecks to workers, Portland real estate deal exposed as a motivating factor for buyer to just go to Texas due to Portland's on-going public safety programs.

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