LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May3--6am hour

Chocolati vs SPD officers PIXLR.jpg
The Seattle owner of Chocolati Cafe, has apologized and fired an employee after the employee refused service inside the shop to two uniformed Seattle Police officers. KVI's John Carlson feels the apology was sincere. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- voters in uber-liberal Austin TX overwhelmingly pass tougher new laws on homelessness and panhandling, the Austin TX vote is an indicator that uber-liberal politicians clearly aren't listening to voters who are sick of the homeless problems/issues, how outraged would Seattle activists be if a company treated employees the way the Seattle City Council treats Seattle Police officers?, another prime example of Seattle politicians driving up the high cost of living that they're always complaining about, Pres. Biden's economic advisor demanding a global minimum corporate tax has--surprise--never run a business, GUEST: SPOG president, Mike Solan, has now met with the owner of a Seattle chocolate shop that had an employee refuse to serve two Seattle Police officers, the owner apparently fired the employee who denied the police officers, the owner's olive branch/sincere apology; KVI's Lars Larson highlights the astounding hypocrisy of Pres. Biden issuing a COVID travel ban to India just over a year after Trump halted travel to China at out-set of COVID in 2020.

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