LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May4--6am hour

(12) counties in danger of rolling back or remaining in #Phase2 of the WA State's reopening plan.On May 3rd - state health officials will re-evaluate #Covid19 metrics as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise...

6am hour -- part of Haley's Comet might be seen in NW (clear) skies tonight, the bonkers story of a female teacher repeatedly calling a cop a "murderer" during a mundane traffic stop, the cop shakes off the abuse and doesn't get baited by this blatantly anti-cop (and anti-Mexican) behavior,

GUEST: emergency room Dr. Raul Garcia M.D., describes what he'd tell Gov. Jay Inslee if he were advising him about rising COVID cases and businesses capacity levels, setting the record straight on what masks do and don't do when worn properly, putting COVID re-infection in perspective with an example about chicken pox re-infection; a "top secret" US government report comes to light about the origin of COVID-19 and China, the troubling sign that might link COVID-19 pandemic to a Chinese lab rather than a wet market.

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