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Cecilia Rouse, is President Joe Biden's head of the Council of Economic Advisors. She's a{ } labor economist and former dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. (AP File Photo: Andrew Harnik/Associated Press)

8:05am -- economic icon Warren Buffett warns about inflation (i.e. price hikes being passed along) accelerating due to multiple factors (i.e. gasoline, microchips, lumber), Biden Administration gov't spending will exacerbate inflation too, Pres. Biden's top economic advisor seems to dismiss a lot of these warning signs, NY Times posts the most asinine essay calling for a nationwide mandatory paid week vacation for every American, RIP to veteran KOMO News anchor Bill Brubaker who died this week at 85, Biden's shaky justification to raise corporate tax rates and how that would put larger companies at a competitive disadvantage, KVI caller sounds off on viral video of teacher repeatedly calling cop a "murderer" during a traffic stop.

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