LISTEN: John Carlson Show, May6--7am hour

mask mandates and kids.jpg
Should masks be required on kids and counselors at outdoor summer camps in 2021? That question has prompted surprising guidelines from the CDC. (photo: Associated Press)

7am hour -- CDC's puzzling directive that kids (and counselors) should wear masks at summer camps, even Dr. Anthony Fauci meekly agrees that summer camp mask mandate is unnecessary, TX is now two months removed from ending its statewide mask mandate and their COVID stats are all below the national average, how Seattle (city council/activists) created a war on women by enabling homeless and illegal camping in the city, KVI's Ari Hoffman broke an important story about free drug needles given out by King Co. health officials on public school property, Seattle homeless man confesses he has a pellet gun to shoot rats that are infesting the homeless tents/garbage, KVI caller juxtaposes the needle exchange on school property with a church group offering bibles on school property, will anti-police teacher or parents prevail in Issaquah School District regarding SROs?

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