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COVID 50% capacity Phase 3 PIX.jpg
50% capacity restrictions on restaurants and some other businesses are part of WA Gov. Jay Inslee's "Phase 3" re-opening plan but Inslee's now being pushed for a much faster re-opening by a variety of Washington political leaders and business owners. (photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- hotel and restaurant owners are banding together urging WA Gov. Jay Inslee to lift restrictions and fully re-open businesses by June 15th, the lack of certainty from Gov. Inslee's "phase" plan is leaving business owners in limbo, vaccines are available without appointment right now and what that means for re-opening, KVI callers sound off on timeline to re-open, if Inslee was as adamant about homeless problems as he is about COVID, the April jobs report has gone from bad to historically bad this morning...

awful traffic mess on I-5 in Fife this morning with no decent options for avoiding a now 6-mile back up in Tacoma, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, underscores how gov't can make an economy worse.

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