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Extra federal unemployment benefits passed last year are now being blamed for why nobody is applying to jobs and the April hiring report is the worst in the history of the federal data collection's existence. (graphic: ABC News)

8am hour -- your first of three chances today to win $500 from KVI, federal unemployment seems to be discouraging people to get back to work, a Seattle Democrat's hollow complaint about recall material for city councilwoman Kshama Sawant...

KVI caller gives a reason that we shouldn't blame people for taking all the provided unemployment bennies that are becoming a prominent economic story again today, a newly elected US Congresswoman delivers the phrase "birthing people" to Congress, Caitlyn Jenner campaign video/message is Reagan-esque, the (CA) government taking money, jobs and freedom during the pandemic, VP Kamala Harris still hasn't visited the US/Mexico border after being designated Biden's point-person on immigration woes.

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