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Grammatical errors aside, Bellevue (and Seattle) public schools are canceling classes Friday Nov. 12th after too many teachers requested the day off and not enough substitute teachers were available to cover the absence of so many staff teachers. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- Happy 246th birthday to the US Marine Corps, Bellevue and Seattle schools abruptly shutdown Friday classes because too many teachers want a 4-day weekend, the decision by teachers to turn Veterans Day into a 4-day weekend shows that teachers are over-playing their hand with parents, inflation hits a 31-year high in the U.S. in October, a kidnapped 16 year-old girl uses a hand signal from a Tik Tok video to indicate she's in danger, are masks about to be made permanent by progressive politicians and public health officials?, more examples of liberals who can't give up the lockdown, don't be surprised if masks become permanent requirements, the Kenosha WI murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has not gone as expected for the prosecution, KVI's Lars Larson weighs in on the surprising moment from a prosecution witness this week.

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