LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov.10th--8am hour

CNN host, Brianna Keilar, who started her broadcast career at KIMA TV and KFFM radio in Yakima, tried to debate a U.S. Senator during an interview segment about Critical Race Theory in Virginia schools but the segment didn't turn out as she probably intended. (photo: YouTube screen grab.{ }

8am hour -- CNN anchor fails in attempt to shutdown a Republican Senator's comments about Virginia schools over-reaching on CRT, the CNN anchor's comments sound akin to a cult member, the continuing educational assault (and allegations of racism) on gifted students, GUEST: North Bend resident and director of a new video called "Hunting Bigfoot", Taylor Guterson, talks about a group of residents in North Bend who are obsessed with Bigfoot, Guterson conducted several interviews with people who (think/feel they) saw Sasquatch/Bigfoot, "Hunting Bigfoot" will be screened in some Western WA movie theaters this month,

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