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The Lake Washington School District will juggle resources to keep campuses open Friday Nov. 12th, according to KOMO News. With Veterans Day falling on Thursday this year, the mid-week holiday triggered a flood of substitute teacher requests from the full-time staff at Seattle, Bellevue and Kent school districts, prompting those school districts to cancel classes tomorrow. But Lake Washington School District managed to find a way to stay open while other districts closed, according to KOMO News.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Kent School District closes school tomorrow for lack of substitute teachers, compare Kent/Seattle/Bellevue schools to how Lake Washington School District is managing to stay open tomorrow despite numerous vacation requests by teachers tomorrow, St. Sen. Steve Hobbs to replace Sec. of State Kim Wyman, US Attorney in Seattle charges two people with identity theft and bilking over $1 million from COVID relief programs, Instagram tests new feature to make users use Instagram less, GUEST: co-founder (and political strategist), Randy Pepple, analyzes the surprisingly close results of the Seattle City Attorney's race, Pepple examines Gov. Jay Inslee's appointment of Hobbs to replace Wyman, why this change with Hobbs will become more significant next year, San Francisco's mayor finally pushes back by supporting recall effort of 3 school board members.

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