LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov.16th--7am hour

Flood waters cover an area near Sumas, WA after over-flowing the Nooksack River in Whatcom County. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- GUEST: UW Atmospheric Sciences professor, Cliff Mass, explains how technology has created far more accurate weather forecasting in the last 20 years, the weather accuracy creates better preparedness for residents and first responders, Mass explains why the recent COP26/Scotland climate summit was a "failure", wind gust peaked at 100 mph at Mission Ridge ski area near Wenatchee, WA prison inmate escapes with the help of COVID protocol and the "I gotta use the bathoorm" ruse, Seattle's Kshama Sawant is not having a good week, legal ruling goes against her and then a Seattle Times editorial advises her district voters to recall her next year, a Federal appeals court affirmed the lower court's rejection of Biden Administration's attempt to require private businesses (with more than 100 employees) to vaccinate employees for COVID, the judge ruled the Biden Admin.'s plan was "overly broad".

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