LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov.17th--6am hour

SEATTLE — Some residents who live in the northwest part of Seattle's Ballard neighborhood have been engaged in a tense standoff recently with Charles Woodward, also known as Lawnmower Man, in a dispute that neighbors are threatening to take to court. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- flood devastation and power outages continue in the North Puget Sound, Seattle neighbors plead for city help with homeless man collecting lawnmowers on sidewalk, the homeless man is volatile and verbally abusive, the homeless man also indicates he knows that Seattle officials won't force him to move his illegally parked vehicle on a city street, a new example of Twitter's hypocrisy over tweet advocating the murder of Kyle Rittenhouse that hasn't been censored or removed by its violent content, new polling says American news media have no majority public approval rating of any Demographic group (men, women, Republican, Democrat, young, old, etc), KVI's Lars Larson points out that American news media sold their souls to uphold Democratic Party politics since 2016.

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