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A south Seattle man holds his toddler son after a confrontation with a car thief. Owen Fitzpatrick's car was stolen with his child in the back seat in the White Center neighborhood, but the determined father chased{ } the thief to reach his son. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- a south Seattle man confronts thief who stole his car with his toddler son in back seat, the man used his Find My Phone app to track the car thief and eventually good Samaritans joined him in apprehending the thief, deciphering what three days of jury deliberations means for the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, dispelling the top 10 myths about Rittenhouse and the charges against him, Bethel HS in Spanaway has a new mascot to comply with new state what about Clover Park HS in Lakewood (nicknamed the Warriors)?, the DNC might cut ties with a college Democrats group due to the bigoted prior words and behavior of students running to be president of the group, Seattle and Renton have received 1300 housing vouchers for federal rental subsidies in May but only 10 of those housing vouchers have been used in six months.

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