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Waukesha parade fatal car attack screen grab PIX.jpg
A video screen grab of a witness recording the Waukesha, Wisconsin annual Christmas parade where a driver in this small SUV sped down the closed parade route narrowly missing the woman and child in this frame but eventually killing five people and injuring 40 before finally being stopped and arrested.{ }

6am hour -- the fatal car attack that killed 5 people and injured 40 at a Christmas parade in Waukesha WI, we listen to the descriptions of the small SUV speeding into parade-goers, several videos of the vehicle attack show how close others came to death or injury,, another chapter in Twitter censorship, a KVI Listener reports that Gov. Inslee did blame climate change for Whatcom and Skagit Co. flooding last week but there's a possible silver lining to Inslee's continuing insistence regarding weather that turns damaging, the Seahawks football squad is in a world of hurt right now, the previously unthinkable Apple Cup situation this Friday, KVI's Lars Larson is digging in to the prior criminal record of the man suspected in the Christmas parade fatal car attack yesterday.

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