LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov.22--7am hour

Defendant, Kyle Rittenhouse, is acquitted of murder charges by ruling of a jury in Kenosha, WI. (photo: ABC News)

7am hour -- Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of murder, his self-defense case is upheld by jury's not guilty verdict, why Rittenhouse should sue media outlets or pundits who distorted his case, Rittenhouse's attorney admonishes the deputy prosecutor in the trial, an estimated group of 50-80 people robbed a northern CA Nordstrom's store Saturday night, the Rittenhouse case is almost a carbon copy of media distortion(s) like the (Kentucky) Covington HS/indigenous drummer story, one police officer who donated to Rittenhouse's legal defense fund now has a compelling legal case to sue his former employer.

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