LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Nov.22--8am hour

Thousands of people marched through the streets of some European capitals on Saturday to protest new COVID-19 restrictions. (photo:{ } Associated Press)

8am hour -- tens of thousands of Europeans are protesting in the streets over new COVID lockdown requirements as cases increase, GUEST: Yakima E.R. physician, Raul Garcia M.D. , addresses the European signs of pushback on extending lock downs and its connection to personal mental health, "people are tired" of the government restrictions given the relative impact of new infections, look at the COVID treatment system in Florida, assessing the reluctance of public health officials to embrace the efficacy of natural immunity, Seattle school board members investigated for bullying and intimidation regarding setting district's 'anti-racist' policy, GUEST: SPOG pres. Mike Solan on what the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict says about the left wing mob, Solan's reaction to the Seattle mayoral (and city attorney) election, this week's Seattle City Council police budget decisions; another example of Pres. Biden playing fast and loose with the facts.

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