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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison has shattered congressional fundraising records, bringing in $57 million in the final quarter for his U.S. Senate campaign against Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham as the GOP tries to retain control of the chamber in the Nov. 3 election. Harrison’s campaign said Sunday the total was the largest-ever during a single three-month period by any Senate candidate. KVI's John Carlson says Democratic Senate challengers continue to rake in eye-popping cash against Republican incumbents.{ } (File Photo: Joshua Boucher/The State via AP)

8am hour -- how Trump's last week of well-attended campaign rallies may preserve a Senate Republican majority, a Mason County listener tells KVI he attended Trump's Dubuque, IA rally last week, KVI listeners share their expectations/predictions for today's election, 6 US Senate races to watch, Republicans have 3 vulnerable incumbent Senators right now and Democrats have one, Democrats are funneling $130 million into one Senate race in a state smaller than WA, the Republican Senate candidate who is a rising star to watch, why WA Democrats objected to one form of providing proof that a person voted.

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