LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.10th--7am hour

Washington Gov., Jay Inslee, is being sued over the Long Term Care payroll tax he signed into law. KVI's John Carlson discusses the merits of the class action legal claim filed against the state's collection of a .58% payroll tax on all people working in Washington. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- A lawsuit has been filed in federal court seeking to stop Governor Jay Inslee's new long-term care payroll tax. the lawsuit cites portability restrictions that prevent workers from cashing in on the mandated tax payments, the lawsuit is filed by a heavyweight Seattle law firm, the Inslee LTC payroll tax was primarily written to benefit an SEIU labor union not ordinary workers, the LTC payroll tax is a guaranteed revenue stream for the labor union, why Inslee's law punishes younger workers the most (and rewards younger workers the least), 31-year-old prolific burglar arrested in Pierce County,

GUEST: host of the (Un)-Divided podcast, Brandi Kruse, says a recent management change at Q13 prevented her from continuing her prior political show there, why she calls her new podcast a show for the anti-fringe (in politics), her show will cater to listeners/viewers who increasingly don't identify with either political party, Kruse calls out politicians who engage in "performative politics" that don't actually represent constituents.

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